What is Cricket Core

Benefit Cricket Core

Easy to manage membership points
P2P membership sharing can save money
Community provides the best way of using membership to users
Company also can market and spread service to target efficiently
Future Of Cricket Core

General gateway for Membership service
Build Open Community for benefit to person using Membership
Web, App applications
More and More Node contributors

Road Map

Coin Specs

Type PoS + Masternode Algorithm Quark
Block Time

60 SEC

Maturity 20 Confirmations
Difficulty Restargeting Every Block Masternode Collateral 1,000 crk
P2P port 42460 RPC port 42461
Max Coin Supply 10,000,000 CRK Premmine 5%

Reward Distribution

BLock no Reward/block Staking Masternodes
1- 1 CRK 0.10 crk(10%) 0.90 crk(90%)